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EV Ultimo is an Internet tech company built with an objective to help brands, buyers, and stakeholders in the Electric Vehicle ecosystem. Our network of leading manufacturers/ providers for electric vehicles, charging points/ stations, accessories, services along with our partners in Banking, Finance & Insurance (BFSI), technology companies will enable us to nurture a platform for accelerating adoption of Electric Vehicles and building a cleaner future for India and the world.

The current phase of EV Ultimo aims at educating the customers, communities, and companies in the EV ecosystem on how E-Mobility is more sustainable and economical in the long run. Through several upcoming transactional features within the app and website, and by incorporating maps, financing, insurance, events, marketplace & more, EV Ultimo will grow as an electrifying and continuously updated platform for all things EV.

Our goal is to provide a neutral platform & marketplace, to enable faster adoption of e-mobility by people, assist stakeholders and enable implementation of clean energy policies


Join our network of leading manufacturers and providers of innovative sustainable technology for electric vehicle and (EV) charging, charging station dealers, services related to (EV), and energy security. Be a part of our community that aims to build equipment and charging systems that are clean, quiet, and sustainable, reducing the noise, emissions, and fossil fuels associated with building and maintaining a clean future in India and worldwide.

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Founder- Anurag Khanna

<p>Founder Anurag Khanna is Chairman &amp; MD of Banknet Group, Six Sigma Films with experience of over 30 years. He is a seasoned banker who has worked with both Indian, Foreign Banks. He mentors at the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad. He was a member of the IT Committee of Indian Merchants' Chambers. He was associated with NMIMS Business School, IIM Ahmedabad to sophisticate the use of IT in the Indian banking sector. He has addressed several global conferences, judged various global, Indian awards, and contributed to many publications, newspapers, and Journals.<br></p>

EV Ultimo is headed towards being a catalyst in shaping a sustainable future and contributing to India's goal of reducing emissions.

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Our Team

EV Ultimo has a skilled team of people with varied expertise in technology, science, management, finance & media with a common goal of enabling cleantech. The team is headed by Abhirat Khanna who is a new-age entrepreneur who has experience in working with a conglomerate & building homegrown brands. He is dedicated to establishing businesses that aspire for a sustainable future.