8 Things Mukesh Ambani Said About Clean Energy At AED 2022

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8 Things Mukesh Ambani Said About Clean Energy At AED 2022

Speaking at the Asia Economic Dialogue (AED) 2022, Reliance Industries Ltd. CMD Mukesh Ambani expressed his core belief, "As humanity has only one planet, there is no Planet B."

Here are the 8 things Mukesh Ambani made clear at the Asia Economic Dialogue (AED) 2022-

"Asia is leading the march towards a more inclusive global economy. The mismatch between DEMOGRAPHY and DEVELOPMENT is closing. All this goes to show that a RESURGENT ASIA will contribute to a MORE EQUAL WORLD."

"The Climate Crisis is essentially Energy Crisis. The excessive use of fossil fuels in the past two hundred years has gravely endangered the fragile ecology of the planet. Of course, it has brought prosperity to a large part of the global community. But this prosperity has been at the cost of the planet’s environment and ecosystem, and is therefore unsustainable."

"The transition from Old Energy to New, Green, and Clean Energy is not an option; it is an urgent imperative. Our very survival depends on how quickly we embrace planet-friendly renewables like solar, wind, and hydrogen. Energy Transition will also determine Geopolitical Transition in the 21st century."

"In the coming era of ABUNDANT and AFFORDABLE CLEAN AND GREEN ENERGY, with utility-scale battery storage, it is possible to envision that every house, every farm, factory, and habitat could, in principle, could free itself from the grid by generating its own power.

India’s Technology and Digital exports have risen to $150 bn from less than $10 billion 20 years ago. By 2030, I believe they will exceed half a trillion dollars. Similarly, India’s Clean and Green Energy exports in the next 20 years at the end of 20 years also has the potential of half a trillion dollars of export."

"I foresee at least 20–30 new Indian companies in the energy and tech space which will grow as big as Reliance, if not bigger, in the next 10–20 years. Let me put this in perspective. It took Reliance about 15 years to become a $ 1 billion company.

30 years to become a $ 10 billion company.

35 years to become a $ 100 billion company.

And 38 years to touch $ 200 billion company.

I have no doubt that the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs will achieve this in half the time."

"If the last 20 years, we were known for India’s emergence as an IT superpower; next 20 years, I believe, along with technology, will mark our emergence as a superpower in ENERGY and LIFE SCIENCES. What is commendable is that the New Energy businesses in India are standing on their own two feet, with their own entrepreneurship, and very little support of or basis of any great government subsidies."

"The recent announcement in Union Budget about the launch of Sovereign Green Bonds is a step in that direction. India achieved its target of 40% power generation of renewables of the target that was set for 2030, in 2021 itself. And I believe that we will be ahead of this target. India aims to achieve 500 GW of renewable power capacity, which I am sure we will meet."

"In the near and medium term, we will have to follow LOW-CARBON, and NO-CARBON, strategies of development. Affordable and abundant supply of clean energy will enable every Indian an improved standard of living without disturbing the ecological balance. And this generation has the responsibility to put a successive generation on path whereby we remain perpetually clean. We have the responsibility of the transition generation."

Asia Economic Dialogue (AED) 2022 is the flagship geo-economics conference organised jointly by Pune International Centre policy research think tank and Ministry of External Affairs.