BMW iX First Lot Sold Out In India & Here Are Some Pointers If You Want To Buy In The Second Lot

EV Ultimo Team


BMW iX First Lot Sold Out In India & Here Are Some Pointers If You Want To Buy In The Second Lot

BMW recently launched the iX, its first all-electric SUV, in India, which is now completely sold out for 2021. The SUV, imported to India as a CBU (completely built-up) unit, was priced at ₹ 1.16 crore (ex-showroom, India) for the xDrive40 variant. This was an introductory price and is the only variant of the SUV being offered in India. 

As the German carmaker plans to start deliveries of the SUV in April 2022, which is still some time away. In the meantime, bookings will once again open for the iX in the first quarter of 2022. Here are some things you should keep in mind if you want to book BMW iX-

The iX’s styling isn’t familiar at all; the angular lines and bluff panels are a nod towards the future design direction of BMW’s luxury models.

A 71kWh battery is sandwiched in the car’s floor and offers a range between 212- 257 miles. This means it’ll be practical for many buyers for Indian roads.

Where the iX excels is on the move, because it’s one of the most refined machines on sale at any price.

Although sounds composed by Hans Zimmer can be played through the speakers as the iX accelerates effortlessly, but it’s more impressive without them as the car’s noise suppression is supreme.

The suspension of iX soaks up creases and rucks in the road with a delicate motion, isolating the people inside from vibrations to deliver a relaxing feel.

The steering is light but quite pointy and direct, so this large SUV turns smoothly and is also quite maneuverable in tighter spaces, given its size and relatively long 3,000mm wheelbase. 

This layout helps to maximise the size of the battery available (there’s a 105.2kWh pack in the xDrive50, which costs more than showroom pice), but it also gives a great level of passenger space.