BMW To Join The EV Party In India With 3 EVs In Next 6 Months

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BMW To Join The EV Party In India With 3 EVs In Next 6 Months

BMW reportedly plans to drive in as many as three electric vehicles in India in the next six months-

BMW iX, powered by two electric motors can hit 100 kmph from stationery in 6.1 seconds. It will be offered in two model variants. Both are equipped with an electric all-wheel-drive system with power ranging between 326 hp and 423 hp. The estimated range could be anywhere between 425 kms and 630 kms depending on the variant and other real-world factors.

BMW i4 electric sedan too could give a push for the company, not just in India and the world over. The car has been designed with influence from BMW I Vision Dynamics, which debuted in the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Powered by an 81.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, the BMW i4 can run up to 590 km on a single charge.

The Mini hatch can be charged via DC fast-charging up to 50 kW which can add 80 percent to the battery in 35 minutes or via an 11 kW AC wall box that can fill the battery in 3.5 hours. The range is between 235 and 270 km as per the WLTP cycle while the Mini EV is powered by a 187 hp and 270 Nm electric motor. This gives the Cooper SE a 0-100 kph time of 7.3 seconds and a 150 kph top speed. There are model-specific drive modes: Sport, Mid, Green or Green+ and two levels of regen can be chosen by the driver.

BMW India President and CEO Vikram Pahwa indicated that the next high drive for the luxury brand in the country will be powered by the battery. Further, Pawah said, "In 30 days time we will launch the BMW iX, which is a fully-electric SUV. In 90 days time we will launch the MINI electric and in 180 days time we will launch our first sedan electric, which is the i4." 

In order to make it comfortable for its customers, BMW India will give a home charging kit along with every car. It will be a 11 kW AC charger capable of 100 per cent in about 7 hrs with 100 kms added range in 2.5 hrs which can be installed either at home or office. The company will install fast chargers at all touch points at dealer network in 35 cities in India.

BMW India’s passenger vehicle sales increased by 38.5% between January and October 2021. The company currently has pending orders of around 2000 units, and an average waiting period of eight weeks on its range of products. Although there have been some delays in delivery times for BMW customers due to the semi-conductor issue, they are in a much better position because of their flexible manufacturing system.

At present, the government in India levies a reduced GST rate of 5% on electric vehicles. Premium vehicles account for about 1% of all passenger vehicles sold in India. If tax structures were to be rationalized, the premium car segment has the potential to increase to 5-10% of the passenger vehicle market and provide substantially to the government’s aim to double the turnover of the automobile sector to Rs 15 lakh crore in the next five years. The tax concession needs to be extended to support consumers to transition, and for automakers to plan more products for the future. 

With the new product offensive, BMW is running in its second phase of electric mobility, bringing 25 electrified cars on the market worldwide by 2023. Ilka Horstmeier, a member of the board of management at BMW AG (Worldwide) said, "It’s clear that we are committed to the 1.5 degree target and the equivalent of that with regard to our fleet. We want to reduce the overall carbon footprint of each and every car BMW by 40 percent by 2030. And, you know, as good as I do, just building electric cars is not enough to be a sustainable company. So we broke this 40 percent target into the usage phase, in the production and in of course, the supply chain, because that is the biggest driver of the carbon footprint of a car."