EeVe Soul Electric Scooter Launched In India

EV Ultimo Team


EeVe Soul Electric Scooter Launched In India

The two-wheeler electric space is getting bigger and better in India. Many big brands and startup companies are introducing their unique electric creations to the people. One such company is EeVe which is owned by the Bharat group. EeVe has now launched their high-speed electric scooter called EeVe SOUL which is priced at Rs1.39 lakh. The company aims to capture 10% of India’s electric vehicle market within the next five years. The EV maker has also announced a plan to invest up to Rs 1,000 crore during the next two years towards R&D, developing new products in electric mobility solutions, improving existing manufacturing facilities, setting up charging infrastructure, localizing parts, expanding networks and engaging in brand building.