FedEx Starts EV Trials In India & Here Is Why It's Influential

EV Ultimo Team


FedEx Starts EV Trials In India & Here Is Why It's Influential

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., has been working on electrifying its logistics and has started electric vehicle (EV) trials in Bengaluru, India. The trial, which is expected to conclude within a month in Bengaluru, will test the vehicle technology within FedEx Express operations, assessing the vehicles' operational effectiveness on a standard route fully loaded with packages. Upon positive results, the company said it would extend the trials to Delhi. Their research will help accelerate the decarbonization of last-mile deliveries and crucially reduce the cost of those operations.

The shift to electric vehicles also aligns with FedEx commitment to enhancing its services and solutions in India, offering customers connectivity and access to global markets. Vehicle electrification is one of the key areas in FedEx's journey toward reaching the goal of its carbon-neutral operations. By 2040, it is intended that the entire FedEx global parcel pick-up and delivery (PUD) fleet will be EVs, according to their statement. This vehicle electrification goal is being approached through phased programs to replace existing vehicles as they aim for 50 percent of FedEx Express global PUD vehicle purchases to be EVs by 2025, rising to 100 percent by 2030.

There are enormous challenges to overcome if we are to see autonomous commercial vehicles on our roads. Companies like FedEx are exploring future scenarios assisted by advanced technology and computer modeling to find solutions to these challenges. While shared infrastructure and collaboration have great potential to reduce the costs of decarbonizing last-mile logistics, there are complex scheduling and commercial trade-offs to be evaluated. The technology at FedEx could also be a massive inspiration to companies with large electric vehicle fleets that require frequent recharging with minimal downtime.