Find Out How Charge+Zone Is Winning In The EV Space

EV Ultimo Team


Find Out How Charge+Zone Is Winning In The EV Space

Charge+Zone, an EV charging networks provider, has assembled an active business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) network for EV charging for both fleet and retail customers by establishing up over 1,250 charging points across over 400 charging stations, serving around 3,000 EVs (cars and buses) daily. Charge+Zone has app-driven unmanned charging stations that boast of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Agnostic Charging Network and charging station management system. Charge+Zone has a 500km electrified National Highway B2C Network from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and has planned to electrify 10,000 km pan-India in collaboration with partners, dealers and franchise. 

Ahmedabad-based start-up incubation centre iCreate has facilitated an investment partnership worth USD 300 million between Charge+Zone and the Gujarat government to set up 50,000 EV charging stations across the country. The two partners signed an initial pact in this regard on 20 December, 2021 as part of the investment promotion activity for the forthcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in January next year. Under the collaboration, a network of 10,000 un-manned and app-driven charging stations will be set up on the national and state highways within Gujarat and scale it up to over 50,000 charging stations to cover pan-India.

Finnish state-owned energy company Fortum is also partnering with Charge+Zone and their collaboration would complement and combine the strengths of both the charging point operators (CPOs) and provide their customer base with a wider electric vehicle (EV) charging network across India. Fortum’s MoU with Charge+Zone is aimed at introducing seamless roaming facility, akin to one existing in the telecom sector, to EV drivers.

Charge+Zone lately raised $10 million and will further raise Series A funding worth $50 million in 2022. The company’s revenue stream is led by Fast DC charging network for electric buses, electric cars and electric two and three wheelers, battery swapping networks for electric two and three wheelers, and SaaS. This funding will assist Charge+Zone in amping up its already existing charging network of over 1,000 points across 19-cities largely for electric buses and cars as they now look forward to setting up new hubs for over 3,000 electric buses for intercity public transportation in over 10 states. With Charge+Cloud, the integrated IOT platform is being developed into a SaaS platform to help the business expand to global markets as well as address the concerns of B2C networks.