First Look Of Damon HyperFighter Is Revealed & We Wish It Arrives In India

EV Ultimo Team


First Look Of Damon HyperFighter Is Revealed & We Wish It Arrives In India

Damon Motors, a Canadian Start-up flaunted some serious hardware at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, winning an Innovation Award for its limited-edition HyperFighter Colossus. The bike promises remarkable specs for its $35,000 MSRP. The HyperFighter shares its mechanical parts with Damon’s HyperSport, which has yet to reach production two years after its CES debut. The heart of the bike is the “HyperDrive,” which is Damon’s name for the monocoque chassis that incorporates the batteries, motor, and control electronics, allowing all the other components to be bolted to that central hull.

The initial Colossus version of the HyperFighter planned for just 100 units boasts the highest specs of the range, including a 200 hp version of Damon’s liquid-cooled electric motor powered by a 20kWh battery pack and delivering more than 200Nm of torque. The outcome is a claimed top speed of 170 mph (30 mph > than HyperSport) and a range of 146 miles on a single charge. Those battery top-ups will assume as long as 15 hours on a 110V supply, but the built-in fast charger will alter that time to as little as 45 minutes (to 80 percent capacity).

Damon HyperFighter is promising a progressive suite of rider aids and electronics. The “CoPilot” system uses cameras and radar to monitor surrounding traffic, keeping track of as many as 64 nearby objects in a 360-degree scanning area around the bike, and predicting their path. A cloud-based AI system will learn your riding style and get better at judging the movements of other vehicles with time, helping enhance the bike’s intelligence in cautioning riders about dangers on the roads. When the AI spots trouble, a combination of dash lights and haptic feedback through the bars conveys it to the rider.

Don't we want to ride something like this on roads of India?!