India Govt Wants To Make Highways EV Friendly

EV Ultimo Team


India Govt Wants To Make Highways EV Friendly

Early adopters of electric vehicles are already choosing which fueling station to frequent based on nearby attractions. How can highways be attractive to EV clients while their vehicle is charging? But not all gas companies can easily afford to transform their stations into multi-purpose fueling and leisure hubs, especially in countries like India. Large chains have the means to invest quickly into new offerings, fail fast, and then course-correct. Evolving developments are happening around the world where governments are encouraging opening up of multi-purpose places which will include charging stations, shops, cafes and showrooms where people can learn about electric cars. Going a step further towards its dream of electric mobility, NHAI has also recently set an ambitious goal for developing its EV charging infrastructure across highways. The plan of setting up of electric vehicle-charging infrastructure every 40-60 km is the latest in line with many initiatives that the government has taken to boost the adoption of electric vehicles and make highways EV friendly in India.