Kia Previews EV9 & Plans To Go All-Electric By 2040

EV Ultimo Team


Kia Previews EV9 & Plans To Go All-Electric By 2040

Kia Motors has previewed its new EV9 electric SUV concept and detailed an ambitious plan to go entirely carbon neutral by 2045, which will see it ditch combustion engines in Europe by 2035. Following the success of the e-Niro and the well-received Kia EV6, the Korean giant is already planning a new full-size electric SUV.  Kia Motors and Hyundai are planning on bringing six EVs to India by 2024. Kia’s first EV in India will be the EV6, which will be brought down as a CBU sometime in 2022. The Concept EV9 seen here is currently only a study model, but several design aspects from the display car can be expected to appear on Kia production models in the future. The Kia EV9 is expected to be a rather angular and robustly constructed SUV, similar in size to the Kia Telluride. The production version of the EV9 will join the EV6 in Kia’s family of bespoke electric cars.