Learn About New Technologies Disrupting The EV Industry At EV Ultimo Conclave 2022

EV Ultimo Team


Learn About New Technologies Disrupting The EV Industry At EV Ultimo Conclave 2022

Electric vehicles are not only becoming popular among consumers, but it has become the need of the hour for companies in the commercial space. Electrification of heavy-duty commercial vehicles like last-mile delivery vans, semi-trailer trucks, and buses was considered barely viable due to technological limitations in battery technology, tyre technology etc.

For example, Ola’s upcoming Battery Innovation Center (BIC), to be operationalised in August 2022, will be an illustration of developing futuristic and localized core cell tech development and battery innovation for the world. Even Apollo Tyres has come out with distinctive technology- ‘AQuT Tech’ (Apollo Quiet Tyre Technology). They also developed ‘BEST Tech’ (Battery Energy Saver Technology), deployed using an ultra-low RR technology package which helps extends the battery range of the electric vehicle. 

In India, it is expected that the target emission standards will become stricter and set out on a per OEM basis. Hence, utilities are also allocating green energy to e-mobility service providers to charge electric vehicles, further reducing the impact of hydrocarbon-based energy sources.

As the pace of EV adoption gains momentum, the charging infrastructure will need major technological boosts to meet demands for energy without incurring massive demand charges or stressing the power grid. Sources of clean and renewable energy from solar and wind are increasingly being incorporated into the grid by utilities. Smart energy management that balances the distribution of power between chargers is one alternative. 

At the forthcoming EV Ultimo Conclave 2022, e-mobility technology experts will highlight the disruptive new technology trends that are  transforming the pathway of the electric vehicle sector. They will share the advancements of new technologies in India in the Technology Forum. The EV Ultimo Conclave 2022 will be providing a platform for all the stakeholders of the electric vehicle industry to come together to discuss the current challenges, opportunities, and future of the industry as a whole in India for the upcoming years.