Looking For Best Stocks In EV Sector? Watch Episode #1 Of Our YouTube Series On Top Electric Battery Stocks

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Looking For Best Stocks In EV Sector? Watch Episode #1 Of Our YouTube Series On Top Electric Battery Stocks

Investors see disruption of the global auto industry as a massive, inevitable economic shift and are getting in early by investing in electric vehicle companies to ride the long-term EV wave. Placing money into an appreciating investment in EV stocks can be a good bet even if they are yet to buy an electric vehicle. 

India has interests in bringing manufacturing back to its feet as a way to bring lower and middle-class income - particularly in states where there is a very strong manufacturing base. There is an introduction of standards that would ensure batteries are low carbon, made with ethically sourced metals, and are fully recycled at the end of their life. As India and the rest of the world continues to reduce its use of fossil fuels- our reliance on batteries - the key strategic technology of the 21st century is bound to increase. Dozens of new battery factories and investments on track will put India on the global battery map and secure autonomy in this strategic supply chain of the future.

Find out the companies that have a "tangible lead" in battery pack technology and have a steady source of income. Here is our video on stocks of the top electric battery companies in India that offer major opportunities-

EV ULTIMO YouTube Channel will release 9 Episodes more in this series of EV stocks. Here are the other EV related segments we will cover in our series of videos to increase awareness around companies invested in the EV ecosystem-

Commercial Electric Vehicles

Two/ Four Wheeler EVs

Auto Ancillaries/ Components

Charging Infra




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