MG Motor India Joins Hands With Bharat Petroleum To Boost EV Charging Ecosystem

EV Ultimo Team


MG Motor India Joins Hands With Bharat Petroleum To Boost EV Charging Ecosystem

British automotive company MG Motor, aims to enhance the adoption of ‘sustainability and green mobility,’ and has partnered with Indian ‘Maharatna’ company Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) to strengthen the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the country. Their alliance with BPCL will boost EV adoption by enabling range-anxiety less intercity travel options with electric vehicles.

Commenting on the development, Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, "The key to a successful transition to electric mobility is a robust EV ecosystem. MG has been at the forefront of the development of a strong EV ecosystem since the launch of the ZS EV in 2020. Along with our ecosystem partners, we are working to create a vast network of EV charging stations, in addition to battery recycling & battery second life solutions for end-to-end sustainability for electric vehicles."

MG Motor India has had a multi-step charging infrastructure in place with AC chargers and DC fast chargers in residential areas and MG stores since the beginning of their EV journey. MG furthermore offers its clients a 6-way charging environment that includes a free AC fast-charger (placed at the customer's home/office), an expanded charging network, a plug-and-charge cable onboard, and charge-on-the-go via RSA (Roadside Assistance) and community chargers.

Arun Kumar Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, BPCL said, "Sustainable consumption is the present and future as we move into the era of mass electric mobility. As we herald the phase of the rapid energy transition to electric mobility, BPCL is at the forefront of addressing the three big anxieties amongst electric vehicle owners (range anxiety, time anxiety, and discovery anxiety) in order to build consumer confidence for the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles in the country."