One Moto Is Entering India With These Two-Wheeler EVs

EV Ultimo Team


One Moto Is Entering India With These Two-Wheeler EVs

One Moto India will launch 3 Models in India beginning next year (Commuta, Electa and Byka). Commuta is an entry level bike with 75 Kms range where as Byka and Electa are high performing bikes with 150 Kms of range with a powerful Bosch motor of 4000kW. Commuta is set to enter the Indian market with a base price of 120,000 INR, while Byka and Electa will hit the Indian roads with an initial price of 185,000 INR. Offering unparalleled technology like its own App to monitor performance and statistics gives them an edge over competitors. Elysium Automotives an Indian Startup for Sustainability is launching One Moto in India. One Moto, the multi-award winning British based EV manufacturer has come to Indian shores to sustainably impact the automobile industry. Already established in Europe and the Middle East, One Moto has eyes on India and is set to launch in January 2022.