Renesas & Tata Elxsi Reveal New R&D Centre For EVs

EV Ultimo Team


Renesas & Tata Elxsi Reveal New R&D Centre For EVs

Tata Elxsi, India and Renesas Electronics, Japan have revealed a new collaboration on a design center in Bangalore, India that will develop targeted products for electric vehicles (EV). The unique Next Generation EV Innovation Center (NEVIC) was initiated work in January 2022. With the rapid adoption of EVs in emerging markets such as India, products which offer “key building blocks for scalability and re-usability while delivering reliable performance and offering room for technology customisation are critical,” the two companies said.

They will bring together the profound domain expertise of both the companies, intellectual property, and assets to the NEVIC. This collaboration will create reference designs and solution accelerators for critical EV subsystems like Battery Management Systems and Motor Control Units, among others. With the electric vehicle market, especially the Light EV segment, at an inflection point, the companies aspire to provide necessary enablers for the market, starting with India and expanding globally to optimize development time and effort.

‘’We are excited to continue our collaboration with Renesas, a market leader in semiconductors for integrated, sophisticated and reliable solutions for the electrification domain,” said Shaju S, VP and head of transportation, Tata Elxsi. “Our customers will undoubtedly benefit from the proven chipsets and support system of Renesas as it will definitely help us in developing cutting edge and futuristic solutions which the industry demands. Markets like India are especially sensitive to cost, and these solutions will help cut down product development risks, costs and greatly improve time-to-market. In addition, we also bring industry-proven solutions and services for ‘productisation’, testing, calibration and downstream integration, which will benefit customers in rapid NPI and time-to-market."

Even Honda has again selected R-Car and RH850 for use in the Sensing 360 omnidirectional safety and driver assistance system which builds on the knowledge and expertise gained through research and development work on the earlier technology. The automaker originally adopted Renesas’ R-Car automotive system on a chip (SoC) and RH850 automotive MCU for its Sensing Elite system in the Legend which went on sale in March 2021. The first car with Sensing 360 is scheduled for release in China in 2022 with adoption in a broader range of models to follow.