Sony & Honda Announce Partnership, First Electric Vehicle To Arrive In 2025

EV Ultimo Team


Sony & Honda Announce Partnership, First Electric Vehicle To Arrive In 2025

March began with the biggest surprise from the automobile industry with the news that Sony and Honda are allying to build EVs, with the first product due in 2025. Sony and Honda have signed a "memorandum of understanding", which would witness the two Japanese giants form a new joint venture company to build battery electric vehicles.

Honda will work on manufacturing facilities considering their accumulated extensive global experience and achievements in manufacturing in the automobile industry. Sony will develop the mobility service platform for commercial usage of the upcoming EV models. The electronics giant’s growth as a carmaker and its alliance with a mainstream carmaker could be a good sign for the Indian EV market, but we’ll have to wait for official announcements in the coming years to see how Sony and its new alliance with Honda will expand their EV sales globally.

Sony already announced to the world that it's getting into EVs way back at CES 2020 when it showcased the Vision-S concept. It unveiled the Vision-S 02 in January of this year, saying that it will establish the Sony Mobility Inc company in the spring of 2022 to make electric vehicles. That plan now involves Honda. By leveraging Honda’s cutting-edge technology and know-how in relation to the environment and safety, Sony intends to ‘make the mobility space an emotional one,’ and contribute to the evolution of mobility centered around safety, entertainment, and adaptability.

The new company aims to stand at the forefront of innovation, evolution, and expansion of mobility around the world while aligning the technological assets of Sony and Honda.