Tesla CEO Elon Musk Said Newest Factory Giga Berlin Will Be A Gem For The World

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Said Newest Factory Giga Berlin Will Be A Gem For The World

Elon Musk handed off the first German-made Tesla Model Ys at the delivery event at Giga Berlin and danced happily for his customers, supporters, and the world this week. In the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the plant was officially opened by the delivery of 30 Tesla Model Y vehicles to their clients. The factory currently employs 3000 people and plans to add another 9000 as output grows. At full capacity, the plant will produce 500,000 cars annually - more than the 450,000 battery-electric vehicles that German rival Volkswagen sold globally in 2021. This is the fifth plant in Tesla’s arsenal- it already has three in the US and one in China.

Elon Musk said:

“I’m incredibly excited to hand over the first production cars from our incredible team here at Giga Berlin Brandenburg. This is a great day for the factory and I just like to thank everyone who helped. Thank you, thank you very much. It really made a big difference."

“And to the community, Tesla will make sure that this is a gem - a gemstone for the area, for Germany, for Europe, and for the world."

“Every vehicle that we make will be another step in the direction of a sustainable energy future. We will also make battery storage. So this is going to be very important for storing renewable energy — so, for solar and wind. Because it’s intermittent, it needs to be stored, but we’re extremely confident that the world will transition to a sustainable energy future with the combination of solar, plus battery storage, and electric vehicles."

“If you have those three legs of the stool, then you can create a sustainable energy future for as long as the sun shines and the wind blows."

“I want to be clear that sometimes people are sad about the future or they think, well, ‘will we solve sustainable energy?’ and ‘maybe the climate issue is too late’ or something like that. I really want to assure everyone that you can have hope in the future."

“You should have hope in the future. This problem will be solved. And this factory is a major step in that direction. And so, believe in the future.”

The $5.5 billion Gigafactory means the company can build its market share in Europe, while cutting costs for shipping and import – with the company even been shipping cars from China to Europe in recent quarters. It’s a big milestone for Tesla, which now has Gigafactories on three continents. Elon Musk went into Berlin, Germany to personally deliver and celebrate an initial batch of 30 Model Ys, which start at €56,990 ($62,770). A 61-year-old engineer from the southern city of Karlsruhe, according to the daily tabloid Bild, was the first buyer to receive his solid black crossover from Musk.