Tesla Model 3 Was The Best Selling Car In UK In 2021

EV Ultimo Team


Tesla Model 3 Was The Best Selling Car In UK In 2021

Tesla Model 3 is now the second-most selling car in UK, beats many heavyweights. Tesla Model 3 becomes the first electric vehicle ever to breach the top-10 list of most cars sold in the UK. Although the passenger car market in the UK as a whole was much lower in 2021 than it was in 2019, EV sales rose dramatically in 2021. in December 2021, 36,041 new plug-in vehicles were registered (27,705 BEVs), reflecting a 33% increase from December of 2020. Looking at the whole year, the UK achieved 18.6% plugin vehicle market share (11.6% BEV share) in 2021, versus 10.7% market share (6.6% BEV share) in 2020. Gas-powered vehicles, however, are still Britain’s most popular powertrain and accounted for just under 60% of all new cars registered in 202t, SMMT said. In December 2021, The Guardian noted that the increase in November was the first in four months year on year even, though sales were still down compared to pre-Covid levels.